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Welcome to Boutique Affairs
Lolly Buffets and Dessert Tables for Weddings, Corporate Events & Parties

Tradition is a wonderful thing! Afterall, most of the events we celebrate are based on tradition.

But why not add a little something different to your next event, and break-away from the traditional boredom?

Here at Boutique Affairs, we can even make Bonbonerie FUN! We can also make your corporate event an outstanding one. How?

By spicing-up the typical products and themes used to treat your event guests. Not only do we provide a tantalising range of cakes and sweets that will seduce your party patrons, we also present everything in a way that will thrill and entertain your guests, and make them remember your event for a long time to come.

front-cakeCheck out our Galleries for examples of our creations - not just lolly buffets and dessert tables, but beautiful centrepieces which will create talking points and places to gather at your wedding, party or corporate event.

We create original event centrepieces; whether they be Lolly Buffets, Dessert Tables or something in-between.  And don't forget our scrumptious cupcakes!  Have a look over our website to discover the decadent beauty that our buffet designers can create for you, or contact us direct to find out how we can tailor a candy buffet or dessert table to suit your needs and tastes.


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Event Styling

Our lolly buffets and dessert tables are SO beautiful, they may just steal the show!  So why not let us style your event for you?



YES! We brag a lot.  But don't take our word for it!  See what others have to say about our magnificently decandent lolly and dessert tables!



Check out our event diary, where we showcase our latest events and offerings so you can see what's possible, and hear about real events where we have made an impression.


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